SN851641Bliss secrets…

Many people have heard the phrase “The possibilities are endless.”  How many believe or even understand it though?  If I told you that right now, in my life I have everything I’ve ever wanted, would you believe me?  If I told you everything I ever wanted is better than I could have ever imagined, what would you say?  What if I said words like happiness, bliss and joy, are mere fractions of what I feel everyday.  Most people would shy away from this.  They would be afraid.  They wouldn’t trust it.  They are so used to drama and stress that they don’t know what to do when it is not there.  There’s nothing to complain about.

I will not freely give secrets away here.  If anyone saw how simple it was, they wouldn’t believe it anyway.  And giving answers is never appreciated if those listening do not know what the questions are.

I would advise anyone willing to open their mind to possibilities, to find any information about tantra, tantrick rituals, or anything by Aleister Crowley.  And then, if you are willing to discuss it, I am definitely game.


About Ryn Cricket

When I talk to people, I always hear, "I always wanted to do that," or "You're so lucky!" I NEVER want to be the person who says those things. I am not lucky, I make things work. I don't think "I want to do that." I do it. When I was in the seventh grade I wanted to do three things when I grew up, I wanted to be an English teacher, a writer and a mother. All of that traveling, adventure, and Peace Corps was just research for what was to come. After more than twenty years of being told I would never be able to have children, I had two beautiful baby girls, a year and a half apart. I spend some of my time teaching English in Shanghai, China, and the rest of my time, inspiring my two little girls, or being inspired by writing at the writers’ workshop I call “home.”

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